Welcome to Life Coaching! Please follow the info below to set up everything you need to be successful.

Before proceeding, please sign the Coaching Agreement here: COACHING AGREEMENT

1. Enter the day and time we will meet each week into your calendar. Make sure to set reminders for it and set it on repeat for each week.

2. Here is the Zoom link we will use for each session. You can save the link in the “location” section in the appointment on your calendar so you have easy access to it when we meet. Please log on a couple of minutes early so we can start on time.


3. Please complete these two quick forms. They should only take about 5 minutes in total.

Life Satisfaction

Top 5 Values

4. For the first session, please have an electronic calendar (Google or phone) ready to start entering your classes, activities, etc. Gather any syllabuses, schedules, etc. to work from.

5. We will discuss how to use this Assignment Tracker when we meet so click the link and save a copy for yourself to use in class.  Assignment Tracker Spreadsheet

6. You may be interested in watching this video of a student’s journey and how coaching helped them.

BONUS: Here is a study tips guide Study Tips