conversation tips for students

Student Tips On What To Say To Start Conversations

Calling Parents! Struggling with your teen’s conversations? Check out these quick tips:

1. Icebreakers: Simple questions about shared experiences.
2. Compliment: Boost confidence with genuine admiration.
3. Open-Ended Questions: Spark meaningful talks.
4. Common Ground: Bond over shared interests.
5. Active Listening: Show genuine interest, avoid interruptions.
6. Share Experiences: Foster connection by sharing thoughts.
7. Sprinkle Humor: Lighten the mood, be mindful of context.
8. Initiate Small Talk: Start with casual topics.
9. Approachability is Key: Signal openness with a smile.
10. Empathy in Action: Acknowledge feelings with kindness.

Bonus: BE PREPARED WITH WHAT TO SAY! Plan conversation starters like fun topics and college-specific queries.

Starting conversations is crucial – empower your teen for a richer college experience!

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