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Managing Time and Procrastination
The cell phone is your kid’s worst enemy!
They can’t help it!
It was designed to suck them in and make them procrastinate.
Students will always gravitate towards more fun things like scrolling social media or playing games instead of studying or doing homework. It’s normal but not productive.
When they wait to do things at the last minute it makes them stress out. It’s a vicious cycle of procrastination leading to stress.
We know you are sick of sounding like a broken record trying to get them to take action. Do they even listen anymore?
Crazy, but true…they listen to us! We teach high school and college students how to manage their time, procrastination, stress and so much more.
We are certified life coaches for teens and young adults. We partner with students to give them the tools they need to be more successful and happier in all areas of their lives. Think of us as their personal life hack guide.

We created a short class for your student to watch that will give them some powerful tips and techniques to start managing their time and procrastination better. These are just a few areas where we can help your child. To learn more about life coaching, you can scroll down and also visit our website.

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  1. Let them know coaching is a gift to help them “hack life” and nothing is wrong with them.
  2. Coaching provides skills that everyone needs but schools just don’t teach them so they have to learn them through coaching.
  3. Coaching will help them navigate life easier and lower their stress.
  4. Make sure to discuss coaching in a calm moment and not after being frustrated or having an argument with your child. Coaching is not a punishment. It’s a tool to help them learn and grow.
  5. Don’t discuss the whole program with them yet. Just encourage them to check out the FREE class so they see what it’s all about. You want to give them the power of choice. We will go over the details of the program at the end of class so they can learn more about it.
  • Step into a role of self-leadership and take on a new identity
  • Manage time, keep a schedule and create study time
  • Know how to overcome procrastination to be more productive
  • More organized and in control of their life
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • More positive and empowering thoughts
  • Know how to manage and lower their stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Take better care of themselves mentally and physically
  • Study more effectively and efficiently to get better grades
  • Know how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones so they don’t let fear hold them back

“Before joining the coaching program, I was very overwhelmed with school and my studies and incapable of managing my time and life effectively. Now after the program, I am more equipped to handle all of my assignments and the time management struggles that college brings.” –  Abby, Age 19


“I would recommend the program because It made me realize the most important thing is our own selves, and that once you are forced to realize that, it’s easy to start taking better care. Before joining the coaching program, I felt helpless, alone, and frustrated. Now after the program, I feel Inspired, motivated, and appreciated.” – Nicole, Age 19