In a world that’s so digitally connected, the ability for students to communicate, empathize, and build meaningful connections in real life is an invaluable asset.

Social skills not only enhance personal relationships but also pave the way for academic and professional success, plus build confidence.

Sometimes it’s hard for us parents not to do everything for them because we are nurturers. An important lesson I learned is to let go and GUIDE instead of DO. This gives the signal to your child that you believe in them and trust that they are capable to start self-leading. Once you let go and guide you will see them grow.

Here are a few simple ways you can help your student start to build more social skills and confidence:

  • Encourage them to talk to others even if it’s just a “hi.” Sometimes it’s easier to practice on strangers like the checkout person at a store.
  • Have them order a pizza by phone.
  • Have them make their own appointments.
  • Encourage them to join a sport, club or activity.
  • Pick a topic to discuss at dinner to encourage deeper conversations.
  •  Ask them to observe how you interact with others so they can learn from you.

Try some of these and let me know how it goes.