Brain Brilliance Boost: 6 Weeks of Elevating Neurodivergent Minds


This dynamic 6-week program is tailor-made for ADHD and neurodivergent high school and college students. Through a blend of insightful learning and practical application, here’s what our participants will engage in week by week. Sessions will be scheduled based on mutually agreed times with the student and Coach Kerrie. Sessions will be 1 hour each.

Week 1: Understanding and Navigating Neurodivergence

In week 1 we’ll take a closer look at how neurodivergent brains work, and how this understanding can enhance our approach to school and social interactions. Here we lay the foundation for learning how to ‘work smarter, not harder,’ and harness neurodivergent thinking as an asset.

 Week 2: Holistic Health Foundations & Nervous System Regulation

Participants will learn about holistic health management, including nutrition, movement, sleep, and nervous system regulation, as foundational strategies for living well and thriving.

Week 3: Focus, Organization, and Academic Strategies

During week 3 we delve into techniques to sharpen focus and enhance organizational skills, applicable in both physical environments and study routines.

Week 4: Time Management & Study Hacks

Participants will learn time and energy management tools and study techniques, emphasizing how to better balance school and/or employment, hobbies, social life, and self-care.

Week 5: Emotional Intelligence in School and Social Settings

Participants will learn to further cultivate their emotional intelligence and connect it with strategies for managing stress, building resilience, demonstrating self-compassion, and navigating social dynamics.

 Week 6: Building Your Personal Roadmap & Taking Action

In our final week, we will collaborate on creating a personalized action plan that integrates personal development with other academic, employment, or lifestyle goals.