Gaining Confidence, Making Decisions & Empowering Yourself Workshop – September 14 @ 8pm CST


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This VIRTUAL workshop via Zoom teaches teens to recognize that they have lots of new, empowering choices when making decisions and taking on new challenges every day. We will explore those new choices so they can see a fresh perspective on their new options. We will discuss:

  • What their top values are and how they affect decision making and navigating their day-to-day
    interactions with others
  • How to focus on the solution instead of the problem
  • The power of choice and why it’s so important
  • How their confidence level is linked to stress
  • New tools to use to build and gain confidence in themselves and the decisions they make
  • How to make sound decisions that they feel good about and are aligned with their values

We will cover a lot of information in this workshop that will teach and enlighten your teen with information and tools they can use their entire life. There will be opportunities for your teen to participate and ask questions throughout the workshop (if they choose to), but it is completely optional and they will not be put on the spot. I create a fun, laid back and safe environment. As a bonus, your teen can list this workshop on their resume and college applications.

The workshop is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Once you register you will receive an email with the instructions on downloading the workbook and the Zoom link for your teen to join me live.