Mastering Life: Key Skills Every Student Should Have


Private sessions will be scheduled based on mutually agreed times. Sessions will be 1 hour each.


Week 1: Self-Care

We will start with your student learning the importance of self-care by practicing gratitude and establishing self-care routines to enhance their well-being and manage stress.


 Week 2: Self-Leadership through Time Management

Your student will learn effective time management techniques to prioritize tasks and create a balanced schedule, maximizing productivity and efficiency.


 Week 3: Stress Management

We will discuss the physiology of stress, explore various stress management techniques, and create personalized stress reduction plans.


 Week 4: Social Skills

During this session, we will identify the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships and support networks, learning to communicate effectively and making new connections.


 Week 5: Goal Setting

This session emphasizes the importance of breaking down goals into more manageable tasks. Your student will learn how to set SMART goals so they can be most successful in achieving them. 


Week 6: Self-Advocacy

We will cover speaking up for themselves, creating boundaries and asking for help so they can step into a role of self-leadership.