Pathways to Empowerment: Successful Techniques for High Performing Students


Private sessions will be scheduled based on mutually agreed times with the student and Coach Donna. Sessions will be 1 hour each.


Week 1: Foundation of Self-Awareness and Stress Reduction

We’ll start the program off by forming a foundation of self-awareness and learning techniques to reduce the stress that can come with high expectations in academics, creative performance and sports. By using things such as breathing exercises and resetting the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps with more controlled personal interactions with others and achieving higher goals with less stress.

Week 2: Cultivating Mindfulness

This week we will explore the concept of mindfulness and its benefits. We will teach your teen or young adult how to “elicit the values” of what they want and how important mindset is to helping them to achieve higher goals. They will learn to navigate daily practices, such as positive self-talk, better personal habits and more mindful listening. By honing these skills, they are setting themselves up to be more successful in everything they do.

Week 3: Self-Awareness and Reflection

Week 3 focuses on developing a sense of self-awareness and what their “triggers” are and beginning to understand them and how to process them to gain insight, perspective and an outcome of self-compassion and acceptance. Honoring and understanding themselves is the key to developing a healthy and productive road to success.

Week 4: Time Mastery

Your student will learn effective time management techniques to prioritize tasks and create a balanced schedule, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Week 5: Nurturing Self-Care Practices

This week we will explore different self-care practices that benefit their physical, emotional and mental well being. Examples of topics we may discuss are: nutrition & exercise, sleep, hygiene, boundary setting, self-compassion, hobbies and skill learning. The goal of week 4 is to stress the importance of self-care and overall well-being. Learning the importance of “filling their cup” so they have the energy to work towards their goals and achieve the ultimate outcome.

Week 6: Goal Setting and Growth

We will discuss the concept of “SMART Goals” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based Goals). They will learn how to break down goals, learn how to overcome obstacles and stay motivated, which can be very challenging in a high-performance lifestyle! We will discuss accountability and support systems to obtain the results they want and need to succeed.