I teach teens & young adults how to navigate the road of life so they can handle the bumps along the way with ease.

As parents, we often worry if our teen will be ready for the “real world.” Think back to when you were a teen. Did you feel ready? Chances are, probably not. I think we can all agree that our teens have even more pressure and obstacles than we had. We thought they were lacking social interactions even before the pandemic and now it has been taken to a new level that has caused a lot more doubt, stress, and anxiety for them…and for you!

Many Teens:

Feel Lost
Feel Unprepared
Lack Confidence
Lack Self-Esteem
Lack Motivation
Lack Communication skills
Are stressed and/or have anxiety
Don’t know how to take initiative

Don’t know how to make decisions
Don’t know how to plan
Don’t know how to manage their time productively
Have conflict with others
Have peer pressure
May not be excelling in school and/or sports

Frankly, teens are just afraid to move forward!

Best in You Coaching - Teen Life Coach

There's a Solution

I believe that teens hold the keys to a greater future and can make a big impact on the world. I’m Coach Aimee. I’m a life coach for teens. I have a deep passion for teaching teens how to navigate the road of life. As teens get empowered through coaching, they learn how to work through the roadblocks that try to hold them back. I have coached many adults and most have held onto emotional baggage their entire lives. Many of the thoughts that created their burdens were formed at an early age and they never learned how to deal with them to prepare for the challenges of adulthood. Our minds have an amazing way of trying to trick us into thinking negative thoughts about ourselves. Even small things learned as a young person can hinder us in adulthood. My adult clients came to me not knowing how to overcome the roadblocks that were holding them back from living their happiest and most fulfilled lives. They never learned the techniques to get “unstuck” so they could move forward and reduce unnecessary stress. My heart kept telling me that if I could coach people at an earlier age, I could show them an easier, less stressful road through adulthood. So, I followed my heart.

Think of me as your teen’s GPS. If they get in the car to head down the road of life, they need a clear path on how to get where they want to go and to be able to handle the bumps along the way. As a life coach, I’m the navigator. By sharing my navigation tools, the goal is for teens to eventually learn how to navigate the path successfully on their own.


Create Awareness:

  • I believe you can’t tackle something if you don’t even realize it exists!
  • I show teens how to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and actions so we can determine together what’s holding them back.
  • During this phase, your teen will have some lightbulb and “aha” moments.
  • Teens will also experience and learn self-awareness


  • I give students the tools to make new, confident, and more productive choices.
  • During this phase, the teens will learn new techniques they can use to overcome obstacles in every area of their life. Don’t be surprised if they show you what they’ve learned. This is a very exciting part of the process because they finally have answers and ways to move forward, which is very empowering. They often experience relief because they aren’t feeling stuck anymore.
  • Teens will learn how to choose their mindset, gain confidence, be in control and learn to process through their options of how they want to show up in life.
  • We work on goal setting, organization and time management.


  • Through coaching, I ask teens thought-provoking questions to get them to “really” think about who they are, what they think, how they feel, and what new choices are available for them.
  • Coaching supports them in breaking through what holds them back from showing the world how awesome they are!
  • Teens start seeing see new options for themselves.
  • Teens gain more confidence, motivation and start see that they are not alone in the world.
  • Teens have a change in perspective about themselves and the world that fuels them for more success.


I also partner with you as part of coaching your teen! It makes all the difference in the world if parents learn new ways to empower their teens. It is very important for parents to develop more self-awareness and add new parenting tools to their toolbelt. It’s truly a win-win for you! You gain more self-development and at the same time are learning new ways to help your teen, improve your relationship and guide them into adulthood with the support they need. I invite you to schedule a parent phone consult to learn more about private coaching. I coach teens over the phone, so proximity is not an issue. I’d also like to invite you to a FREE Parent Masterclass and to join my parent Facebook group.

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