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Manage Time and Procrastination

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  • Schools don’t teach life skills or utilize life coaching. Students are missing a piece of the puzzle that they need to be 100% successful.
  • You try to help them, but you are their parent so they don’t listen to you.
  • Students’ brains aren’t fully developed yet for executive functioning skills like organizing and time management so they need to LEARN these skills.
  • As humans, we are programmed to self-sabotage, think negative thoughts and procrastinate, which leads to living life with stress, fear, doubt, and lower confidence.
  • Not having life skills can lead to failed classes and bad grades which lower self-esteem, lowers GPA and can have your student’s scholarship revoked. This is not only emotionally draining for parents and students, it can be financially draining. No one wants to lose free money or waste money on a semester of college only for your child to do poorly and have to re-take classes or worse yet, be released from the college they worked so hard to get into. 3 in 10 freshman students drop out their first year of college and that is mainly due to academic disqualification.

We Know You:

  • Worry about your kid’s mental and emotional well-being
  • Are concerned about their ability to navigate school and life without so much stress and anxiety
  • Want to give your child every opportunity to be more successful and happier
  • We’ve Got You and Your Student Covered!
  • We know which skills are most powerful and transformational that will guide your student to success with less stress.

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Life Coaching Outcomes:

  • Life coaching helps you step into a role of self-leadership and take on a new identity
  • Manage time, keep a schedule and create study time
  • Know how to overcome procrastination to be more productive
  • Be more organized and in control of their life
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Have more positive & empowering thoughts
  • Know how to manage and lower their stress, anxiety & overwhelm
  • Take better care of themselves mentally and physically
  • Study more effectively & efficiently to get better grades
  • Know how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones so they don’t let fear hold them back