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As parents, we often worry if our kids will be ready for the “real world.” Think back to when you were a young adult. Did you feel ready? Chances are, probably not. I think we can all agree that our kids have even more pressure and obstacles than we had.

Hi! I’m Aimee Schlueter. I’m a certified Life Coach who loves empowering students. It’s my personal belief that our education system is missing the boat on teaching the “life skills” our kids need to be more successful and emotionally stable. Our society has taught us to focus on academics and grades. Don’t get me wrong, those are important but they mainly just help our kids gain skills for a certain type of career. What about the rest of what our kids need to be successful in life? This is why I am so passionate about what I do. I life coach and mentor students 16+ on everything they don’t learn in school but need so they can effectively navigate life.

Life Coaching is a powerful process that is result-oriented. We focus on the present and how to move forward in a productive manner. Coaching resonates with students because they are used to getting everything in an instant and with coaching, they start getting solutions right away. The core of coaching focuses on mindset. As we all know, our thoughts tell us stories all day that are completely untrue and hold us back from reaching our full potential. These thoughts tell us we “are not enough.” Plus, they make us feel bad. Coaching looks at these thoughts and how they sabotage us. Recognizing and acknowledging these thoughts are the key to moving forward. You can’t fix what you don’t know exists. Thoughts affect feelings and actions, so once we can start reframing the thoughts, there are new, more empowering feelings and actions that align with what our kids really want. As parents, you want it for them too! You can take a big sigh of relief because we also work on hard skills like time management, planning and goal setting.

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There's a Solution

Does there have to be something wrong to get life coaching? Absolutely not, but I usually start coaching students once parents can no longer endure watching their kids struggle. I encourage parents to take a more proactive approach instead of a reactive approach. Don’t wait until your kid is struggling! Life coaching benefits everyone and should be available to all kids. Ideally, it would be taught in schools so everyone could learn the tools they need, but it isn’t. This is what inspired me to create a virtual program just for students! I want to give them everything they are missing so they can be more successful and happier adults. What they learn through coaching will not only help now but for the rest of their life. They will use the tools they learn to empower themselves and also build better relationships with others. This flows into all areas of their life and can trickle down to future generations.

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Create Awareness:

  • I believe you can’t tackle something if you don’t even realize it exists!
  • I show teens how to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and actions so we can determine together what’s holding them back.
  • During this phase, your teen will have some lightbulb and “aha” moments.
  • Teens will also experience and learn self-awareness


  • I give students the tools to make new, confident, and more productive choices.
  • During this phase, the teens will learn new techniques they can use to overcome obstacles in every area of their life. Don’t be surprised if they show you what they’ve learned. This is a very exciting part of the process because they finally have answers and ways to move forward, which is very empowering. They often experience relief because they aren’t feeling stuck anymore.
  • Teens will learn how to choose their mindset, gain confidence, be in control and learn to process through their options of how they want to show up in life.
  • We work on goal setting, organization and time management.


  • Through coaching, I ask teens thought-provoking questions to get them to “really” think about who they are, what they think, how they feel, and what new choices are available for them.
  • Coaching supports them in breaking through what holds them back from showing the world how awesome they are!
  • Teens start seeing see new options for themselves.
  • Teens gain more confidence, motivation and start see that they are not alone in the world.
  • Teens have a change in perspective about themselves and the world that fuels them for more success.

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